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My technical SEO (Search Engine optimisation) services include: & JSON, SERP features, local SEO, Page-speed optimisation, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Mobile 1st rankings, Google My Business / Facebook / Twitter, on page SEO & keyword configuration, keyword research, copy-writing, blog writing and placement, social media, content development, mobile friendly websites, link building, image and videos advice and placement. I also offer bespoke SEO training.

~ 25 years experience ~ BSc Computing ~ £35 per hour ~ image/video advice
technical SEO freelancer services

my technical seo services

Whether you are big or small company, with a large media spend or a small investment. I can help.

I have been working on commercial web development projects since graduating with a Bsc(Hons) Computing 2.1 in 1995. Having seen all sorts of dubious ranking techniques I have always used only white hat methods.

I bring strong technical programming skills and insights for your digital marketing project developed over 20 years commercial experience. From optimising .htaccess/caching through to data and all forms of “on-page” SEO my services are tried and tested.

I will improve your internet presence across the web. My content development package is bespoke to your project. We have increased visitors by over 300% and customer contact through a website by over 150% for some of our customers.

I can develop a training package so you can develop the in-house technical skills necessary with the modern digital marketing world.

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technical seo freelancer services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With almost 20 years of website marketing experience i have the necessary technical skills to build your web presence. my on-page SEO skills are built from years of programming and marketing experience.

local buisiness SEO

Search Engine setup for local SEO business

Getting your local SEO business up the rankings is something i am an experts at. google my business/twitter/facebook/linkedIn are just some of the websites that require setting up and maintaining.

Social Media advice and management

Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn are just some of the many social media platforms you should think about using for your business. We can discuss the many SEO options available to you.


search engines love fast loading websites. Optimising images/videos/files for quick loading requires a good level of technical skills. Setting up caching with .htaccess files is just one way of minimising a page load speed.

Blog writing and management

Blogspot, blogger, linkedin pulse - where to publish and what to publish is something i can manage for you. my blog & article writing services and management start from £38 per article.

Link Building

All search engines love links. Where to link to and from are not trivial questions. foursquare and central index are just 2 of the many websites to consider.

Image and video advice and management

images and videos of your work are a great selling tool - customers love videos. where to host your images/videos and what types of images are just a couple of questions to discuss. making your images/video found on search engines is something we can discuss.

Organisation, people, images, videos and FAQs are just some of the scripts to develop. These are the way to inform search engines about your website. For example “hey google, this is my address/telephone number”.

Website content development

i am here to help in developing enhancements to your website marketing strategy. i can advise what to enhance on your website and can write magazine quality content for you. Need a mobile friendly website? i am an expert at website development.

mobile 1st ranking

mobile 1st

google has launched a "mobile 1st" ranking system. to have good/solid results you need to optimise your website for mobile phone users.

amp pages development

amp pages

Accelerated mobile pages (amp) is the way to develop web-pages that are built purely for mobile browsing.

seo training


I offer training for all aspects of white hat and technical SEO so you can develop in house skills to drive your web presence forward.

keyword research and tarketing

keyword research & targeting

Choosing the right keywords to target is crucial for developing organic results in search engines. Targeting long tail keywords is just one technique here. Monitoring traffic levels is something i can help with.

monitoring serps results

monitoring results

google search console & google analytics are just two platforms that help monitor your website. It is possible to monitor organic search results and the health of your website using these, and other resources.
If you have dropped in rankings I can help in understanding and fixing your organic results.

serp features

serp features

google knowledge graph, FAQs, featured snippets, reviews are just some of the search engine ranking features that I have targeted.

  • With over 24 years of marketing experience - largely Internet Marketing - We have the in-house skills and passion to turn your Internet Presence into something you can be proud of.

    Andy SEO Expert
  • I have worked with Andy for almost a year now. He is clearly passionate about Internet Marketing. I would have no trouble in recommending him.

    Eliot client
  • We needed a website to promote our Not for Profit organisation. Andy has developed and managed our website for almost 6 years.


about my technical seo freelancer services

Hello and thank you for visiting.technical seo freelancer


I have worked in computing from the late 80s in a variety of roles, developing solutions with different programming languages. I gained a BSc (Hons) Computing from Napier University in 1995 and then started working in website development.

I have a passion for all things search related and this compliments nicely with a HND in Business Studies where I majored in marketing.

I am proud of my technical SEO skills and how they can dramatically change the success of a projects web presence.

BSc Computing (Hons)

My honours degree exposed me to a variety of programming techniques. I loved database development, organisation of information and the internet. I keep up-to date with developments of modern search technology and have an in-depth understanding in all aspects of SEO. For example, in information retrieval “tf-idf” is a statistical model of how important a word is to a document in a collection. An understanding of this technology helps search engines "understand" your website and its keywords. With google, they have introduced "RankBrain and neural matching" in the past few years to improve SERPs. Please note that these concepts are part of hundreds of ranking factors that search engines use to rank keywords.


My hourly rate is £35


Setting a budget for website marketing is not an easy task. Some companies have large marketing budgets available - I have worked with large and small and can happily chat over what is possible for your budget.


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google My Business are just some of the many options available. We can offer advice/service on how to generate traffic to your website from image/video searches.

seo freelancer Edinburgh FAQs

Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding my technical seo freelancer Edinburgh services.

There is no one-size fits all technical SEO freelancer project. I offer a free consultation where we can discuss a budget for your project. Once your project is up and running I offer a package tailored to your requirements for around £150 per month. My standard rate is £35 per man hour.

This is one of hundreds of ranking factors that google uses for understanding your website/web-pages. It uses advanced AI and natural language processing to assist in improving the quality of rankings. There are several techniques to be aware of when writing copy for your website. Essentially, write website content for humans to read, not for search engines to rank, is your content relevant, accurate and comprehensive? are just some of the lessons to be learned.

I am a phone call away from a friendly chat about your marketing project. Please remember all questions are valid!

There a few great resources out there to research modern technical SEO techniques. I always visit to keep me up to date with industry developments. I offer training in modern tehcnical SEO techniques.

It depends on factors like how long your website has been live, what changes are implemented and so forth. We can discuss this during your consultation but I would suggest anything from a few weeks.

Absolutely, I have experience performing site audits to establish what has happened and what to do. Has the website been recently updated? Has a manual action been performed by google? Has google just updated their engine? These and other questions will help to establish what has happened.

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Professional images

We have used professional photographers for some of our clients for both videos and images. These sample images were taken for a cost of £145 and have been a great website marketing tool.

Edinburgh garden designers - note terracing and stone retaining walls.Edinburgh landscapers - note use of Indian Flagstone for patio.Edinburgh gardeners - note use of wooden sleepers for steps.

Edinburgh garden designers - note multi level terracing and retaining walls.Edinburgh landscapers - note stone dyke walling.Edinburgh gardeners - note top view of steps made from wooden sleepers.

Edinburgh garden designers - note top view of terracing / stone dyke walling.Edinburgh landscapers - note close up of stone dyke walling.Edinburgh gardeners - another view of stone dyke walling.

Edinburgh garden designers - note stone dyke walling.Edinburgh landscapers - close up of stone dyke walling.Edinburgh gardeners - overview of Indian flagstone patio.

Edinburgh garden designers - another view of stone dyke walling.Edinburgh landscapers - note retaining wall built using randowm rubble.Edinburgh gardeners - another stone dyke wall.

YouTube, vine, daily motion, facebook, linkedIn, Google My Business. Where to post your images and videos?

There are many places to post your images and videos to. YouTube, google my business, pinterest, Flikr are just some of them. Its not just the image and video you post. There will be titles, descriptions and links back to your website to think about. We are here to help.


A walk around of pond construction project

Although this video will not be winning any Oscars, there are many benefits to having videos of your previous projects for your digital marketing strategy. Please call us for a friendly chat about these benefits.

For a free, friendly chat about what is possible for your budget

- call 07717 461 184

technical seo freelancer case study

Our client, Colinton Gardening Services - garden landscaping for Edinburgh, came to us early in March asking for help with building a website ( and internet marketing. They are a small specialist garden landscaping company.

I wrote all the copy for the website and related blogs / press releases. I performed an SEO audit and keyword research and my recommendations were accepted. I also built the website from scratch in 3 weeks.

Once the website was built and tested (mobile friendly & amp pages) I then embarked on a link building/blog placement/press release and website content development strategy.

This project was successful in targeting organic traffic ("raised beds Edinburgh", "retaining wall Edinburgh" and "garden renovation Edinburgh" all in 1st place in the rankings) with strong results in google local packs.

technical seo freelancer results for an Edinburgh client

The full list of SEO services provided for this project are:

- build and test optimised website (mobile friendly)
- develop and test accelerated mobile pages (amp)
- SEO keyword research and targeting
- search marketing (search engine marketing), on-line marketing and content marketing
- google analytics + page speed
- google webmaster tools
- facebook, google my business, youTube and twitter set up
- 55 (and counting) high value website listings
- local business configure
- weekly website health check
- competitor analysis
- long tail keywords
- blog writing and placement
- press release writing and placement
- monthly reporting
- monthly website content development (case studies)

  • Please remember that I am here to help you through all the options for your technical SEO project.
    And all questions are valid!

    Phone Andy on 07717461184
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